8 of my favourite Suppliers

Updated: Mar 31

When it comes to styling and furniture shopping it can be really beneficial mapping out your intended shops to avoid going back and forth and securing the best bargains!

Here are my 8 favourite suppliers in Christchurch-

1. Loft Furniture- Loft is great for soft furnishings and affordable art work. They have a huge range of feather cushions in all shades and patterns and the best quality.

2. Freedom Furniture- Is my go-to for dining suites and occasional chairs. You really can’t go wrong with Freedom.

3. Nood- I love the mood of Nood, they have moody colour palettes and hold stock always! They have beautiful homewares and kitchen décor items as well as kids décor and wall art. It really is a must on any shopping trip.

4. Spotlight- Spotlight is a good spot for all of your bedding needs as well as sheets and towels. They have cushion inners and a nice range of home décor items that won’t break the bank.

5. Bunnings- Seems like a strange on when shopping for interiors right?! But Bunnings has a fantastic range of lamps. I always find lamps to be hardest to find. With there range of interchangeable its great to customise your look.

6. Interior Warehouse- A very underrated shop indeed. They hold a huge range of side tables and buffets as well as the most life like looking plants and flowers.

7. Early Settlers- Bedframes and headboards are always stunning at Early Settlers. As well as holding stock of couches and bathroom vanities this is the shop to spend some coin.

8. Salvation Army- Yes, I’ve saved the best for last. It truly can be surprising what you can find in an opshop. They have Kitchenware, art work, fabrics and vases. Highly recommend!

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